Gurpreet Singh Behl 2020

gurpreet singh behl 2020

Gurpreet Singh Behl uses the only things we have. Our hearts and our minds.

Help yourself by helping others. Be happy, friendly and positive. Be still. Be calm. Be the best version of yourself. For Others.


If you want to commission Gurpreet Singh Behl for temperal art work you can contact him here. Or direct message on social media. A list of all social media channels are available on this website.

Gurpreet Singh Behl shares his art work on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube amongsts others. Facebook & Twitter are also powerful social channels for Gurpreet.

– Gurpreet Singh Behl

gurpreet singh behl 2020
gurpreet singh behl 2020

Contact Gurpreet Singh Behl

You can connect with him on LinkedIn for all professional networking. He can be hired for speaking events, conferences and gallery displays.

Email :

Gurpreet Singh Behl is a UK artist, film maker, producer and musician. Seeing the beauty in life and transforming that inspiration in to his own creations. There are videos and images cultivated to spread awarness and uplift the mood.

Watch the videos, feel the transitions and be inspired. That is the message behind all of Gurpreet’s work.

Take time out of what you are doing. Sit there. Feel. And find the message within.


Gurpreet Singh Behl Images in 2020

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