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Update your Home for Spring with Supercard and M&S

A spring refresh is good for the mind and mood, helping you say goodbye to the winter blues. M&S are fully embracing the upcoming arrival of the spring season with home inspiration and valuable tips that will help you freshen up your home fast.

The home inspiration from M&S focuses on various areas, including updating your bedroom, bringing the outdoors inside, and apothecary and home fragrance. As a Supercard member, you enjoy a 7.5% discount on bed linen, storage solutions, vases, reed diffusers, and scented candles. So whether you are looking for options to show off classic flowers in a fresh table display or want a comfortable night’s sleep with a cooler lightweight duvet, M&S presents various options.

Of course, M&S is known for more than their homewares. The favourite UK retailer will help you update your wardrobe with spring and summer clothes or provide plentiful choices if you are hosting a garden party with snacks, beverages, or an impressive spread.

You can redeem this offer with ease. All you need to do is purchase an eGift card with a value between ¬£1 and ¬£1,000. You get your Supercard M&S discount right then and can use the gift card to purchase spring items online or in-store. Furthermore, you can use every penny, with any amount not used remaining on the gift card until you shop again for up to 24 months.

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